Definition of Done

The Cloud Engineering Team's Definition of Done is broken down into the following:

Approved by the end user#

Work that has complete needs to be approved by the end user to ensure that the requirements have been fully met.

Passes automated testing#

The code passes automated tests and will not be considered done until all tests pass.

Documentation is updated and centrally located#

Where applicable, once a piece of work is complete, any assosciated documentation is updated or creating accordingly and if possibly added to the Infrastructure Playbook.

Peer reviewed by a member of the team#

A piece of work whether it is code, design or documentation must be peer reviewed by at least one other member of the team. If a piece of work is particularly complex then a demo can be done for the wider team to understand and review.

Handover to relevant team or users#

If the result of a piece of work is going to be handed over to another team or person then a handover process must be documented and a handover should be arranged with the team that will take ownership of the service.