Naming Conventions

This is a work in progress, with some sections to be completed. Please check back for updates, or contact us with suggestions.

General principles#

  • Elements are sequenced as application-environment-resource, such as xpress-staging-vpc
  • Hyphen is the delimiter
  • In the rare event that a hyphen is not allowed, use PascalCase
  • Do not use version names; add as a tag if absolutely required

AWS resources#


  • Application-Environment, e.g. Academy-Production
  • Initial letters are CAPITALS

EC2 instances#

When creating an EC2, you must give it a human-readable name via a tag. The name tag is auto-generated when the EC2 instance is created via Terraform (using the EC2 module in the infrastructure repo). This should be, as a minimum, application-environment; for example:

  • xpress-app-staging
  • academy-db-production
  • managearrears-temp-db-staging

Note: Because names are generated automatically when the instance is created, all characters are converted to lower case by default in the module.

Work in progress#

The following conventions are to be agreed:

  • AWS networking
  • GitHub repos and CI
  • File types for Python, Javascript, .NET and Go
  • Terraform modules and resources

For now, please try to follow the general examples of other names in the repo, or post in #ask-devops on Slack.