Support processes

The support offer#

The team offers two kinds of support:

  • Application Managers
  • Development teams

Support to Application Managers is more hands-on, as we don’t expect Applications Managers to always have the skills to make changes to AWS infrastructure themselves. Support to development teams should generally be more specific and aimed at self-help.

Support to Application Managers also includes support to deploy an application into an EC2.

How to request support#

In the first instance, all support must be requested via Halo. Email cloudsupport[at]hackney[dot]gov[dot]uk to register the request

General/one-off support#

This must be done via Halo. Urgent incidents or PRs may be posted in #ask-devops in Slack, which is also the home of general discussion.

Application deployment#

Requests to support the deployment of a new application, or vendor changes to an application, must be made to the Delivery Manager via Halo in the first instance.

In-depth support#

We recognise that some development teams will need more in-depth support at times. Where possible, this must be requested from the Delivery Manager via Halo and scheduled.

Information to provide#

When making a support request, please provide as much information as you can up front. For example:

  • For application deployment – the server specs required
  • For bugs – steps to reproduce, expected outcome, actual outcome
  • For development support – desired outcome

Developers are asked to self-help in the first instance, so please include any proposed solutions or things you have tried already (Google and Stack Overflow are genuinely recommended).

How we provide support#

We reserve capacity each week to provide unplanned support requests. A member of the team will be on point to provide this support, and requests made via #ask-devops will be picked up as soon as possible.

Larger support requests and requests relating to EC2-hosted line-of-business applications must be made through the Delivery Manager, scoped, and scheduled. We may need to have a meeting to understand the desired outcome, and time to design a solution. This work needs to be prioritised against other support requests and our work to build out the platform, so please give as much notice as you can.

Most support requests will be entered into JIRA and planned into a sprint.