Data Meetup Template


Author: Purpose: Propose a new data structure | Propose a new API | Propose a change to an existing API | Suggest a data practice Presented on: [complete once presented]


[Background for proposal - include information for the domain. If a change to an existing API, provide a link to the API specification and existing swagger docs. ]


[Describe vision. If a change to an existing API, only provide a link to the API specification vision paragraph unless there is a change in the vision.]

User needs#

[List user needs. If a change to existing API, provide a link to the API specification user needs paragraph and only list user needs if they are different to what is recorded in the specification.]

API specification (if a new API, delete if not relevant)#

Workshop outcome#

[Document the outcome of any conducted workshop relevant to the change. Otherwise leave as “N/A” ]

Proposed API endpoints#

[List proposed API endpoints and their purpose.]

Swagger link#

[Provide swagger link for each proposed endpoint]

Questions to ask#

[Detail any unknowns / any feedback required from the attendees.]

Proposed change (if a change to an API, delete as relevant)#

Requires a new API version? Yes / No

Change description#

Is the proposed change a new API endpoint? Yes / No

[Provide description. If the change is affecting an existing endpoint(s), include the names and swagger link for those.]

Change details#

Proposed API endpoint(s)#

[If relevant. Include purpose and swagger link.]

Proposed change to API endpoint#

[Provide details of the change]

Meetup outcome#

[Document decision of the meetup] Proceed with proposed change | Requires more investigation but no need for additional sign off | Requires more investigation AND needs to be presented at a community of practice again