Our Ways of Working


a. What are the user and data needs b. What about the other work streams - what impact on our planning/prioritisation. Are there any dependencies or crossovers? c. What task can we pick up that adds the most value or has the most urgent dependencies - scoring d. Add to project board Trello/Clickup/Jira - This is how we share what we are doing and our progress (specific to development). e. What are our dependencies? i. Do we have what we need ie - common APIs ii. If no API is there a specification (Swagger doc) we can use to stub until it is available? API

Weekly task allocation/review#

a. What’s outstanding from the previous sprint/week? b. What’s next? c. Who’s available?

Development process -#

Branching strategy based off the API playbook - https://playbook.hackney.gov.uk/API-Playbook/branching_strategies/#gitflow API

a. Daily stand-ups (5 - 10 minutes) - What is everyone doing, is anyone blocked? b. TDD - Git Branch -> Test -> Code c. Pull request/Peer Review - Frequent d. Release e. Rinse and repeat - start process on next task

API development starting point#