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Product Vision


product vision

  • The product vision describes the ultimate purpose of a product and the positive change it will bring about for its users.
  • A product vision should be focused, ambitious and concise (each team member should be able to remember and say it).
  • It should not include assumptions about the technology, solution or how you plan on achieving it.

Product Vision Example

To better understand the aim of a product vision here is an example. The example shows the vision for an organisation looking to the solve problem of staff complaining that they are thirsty at work:

product vision example

This example vision is bold and ambitious, it could be solved with a number of different approaches and it does not contain a solution. It is important that the vision is created as a result of user needs and a problem statement (the example for these can be found in the User Needs section of the playbook).

Creating the Product Vision

  • A vision workshop with the product team and stakeholders can be a good way to collaborate and get buy-in. Following this, the product manager can then refine the vision and ensure it is based on user needs and retains focus.
  • A useful outline for a worksop and steps to co create a vision can be found here from the department of health.
  • It can also be helpful to use the below vision phrasing templates to refine ideas:

vision phrasing

Further Information